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JR Sales “Copper Time” has received the endorsement of the National Home Gardening Club. Along with this endorsement, Copper Time has the use of the above Seal-Of- Approval. To earn this endorsement, Copper Time participated in the National Home Gardening Club Product Test Program. Copper Time provided their sprinklers to 28 Club members throughout the United States. Club member/testers evaluated the overall quality of the sprinklers by using ten different categories, to include: Design, Performance, Appearance, Ease of Use, Clarity of instructions, Quality, Innovative Features, Uniqueness, Rating against similar products and Price.

Gardening How-To, National Home Gardening Club’s members-only magazine, is published by the North American Membership Group (NAMG, the industry leader for the past 20 years in affinity marketing and publishing for special interest audiences).

Copper Time was featured in the July/August 2003 issue of Gardening How-To magazine.

Copper Time Sprinkler Featured Product

The Yak is our best-selling orbital (spinning) sprinkler!
See this wonderful lawn & garden sprinkler below and click on the image above for more information.

Yak Orbital (spinning) Copper Time Sprinkler
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