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CopperTime Orbital (spinning) Sprinklers

Jo Copper Time SprinklersThis orbital sprinkler, which weighs only seven pounds, is hand-crafted, involving over thirty steps toward its completion.

Starting at the bottom, we construct a two-pronged heavy-duty base from 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ aluminum. We angle each prong in the opposite directions for ease in inserting into the ground. Full height of the orbital sprinkler is about 4½ feet tall.

The post is hand-cut from rigid copper tubing, and the circle is hand-formed from soft copper tubing, and completed with a machined circular hub fitting.

James Copper Time SprinklersThe fittings to attach the aluminum base to the copper posts are galvanized to prevent rusting. The hose fittings to attach the sprinkler to a garden hose are brass.
All of the above copper parts and other fittings are individually soldered to assemble the sprinkler.

A specific pattern of water holes are hand-drilled into the copper circle. Four of these “jets” propel the sprinkler, and the remaining jets allow for a beautiful water pattern that gives optimum water coverage (up to a forty foot diameter).

Finally, each sprinkler is individualized by the artist, creating a decorative center to add to the beauty of the piece. Each sprinkler is hand polished to a bright sheen and then covered with a durable coating.

The various bead colors available are listed with the products in our online shop.

CopperTime Stationary Sprinklers

Our snail and butterfly stationary sprinklers have a 10 – 12 foot water coverage. The snail stands 1 1/2 feet tall and the butterfly rises to 3 feet tall. And our most popular stationary sprinkler is the snake!

To our Valued Customer

Jo and dog Copper Time SprinklersUse care when placing your new sprinkler into the ground. If your ground is extremely hard, we recommend that you pre-soak the area where you will be inserting the base. Due to the natural characteristics of copper you may notice your sprinkler acquiring a beautiful verdigris patina.

We at CopperTime are pleased to know that you will experience years of enjoyment from your functional piece of art!

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